YouTube Style Plus

A style that changes the appearance of YouTube: adds full-width theater mode and more. Requires the “Stylish” browser extension.

restyled theater mode: video takes up 100% screen width
Restyled theater mode: video takes up 100% screen width

Table of contents

Finding the idea

I was annoyed that the YouTube theater mode wouldn’t take up the whole available space and thought there must be a browser extension that allows you to inject CSS into websites. Indeed, I found out about the “Stylish” extension that does exactly that.

Building the app

I basically only had to look into the source code of YouTube to figure out how to select the elements I wanted to style and then write the CSS. When YouTube changes the structure of their website, the CSS has to be adjusted accordingly which only happens rarely.

Main functionality

The main feature is the already mentioned theater mode that is now taking up 100% of the screen width but it also improves the look of:

Increased font size:

Video design in small size: drop shadow and subtly rounded corners
Video design in small size
comment section design: comments have a drop shadow
Comment section design