Why I start blogging

This is the first blog post I’m writing. I don’t know what I will write nor how regularly I will do it, but I sure know the reasons why I start. Explaining why sounds like a good entry post for me.

First of all, you must know that I’m still in school. I think blogging will allow me to perceptibly boost my English skills, which of course would be good as a software developer and it may have a positive impact on my English mark, that definitely isn’t bad right now, but why not further improve? Without good English skills, you are probably lost in the software development industry. Maybe I should also start a spanish blog in the future (done on May 7, 2018!), or I begin right after publishing my new website design. That would take my Spanish to the next level. I will think about how I could handle two languages for this blog.

Another reason why I start blogging is that it would not only improve my language skills, but also my coding skills. By explaining certain concepts or technologies I will be able to reinforce my knowledge or force myself to understand something so well that I can explain it to others. For the same reason, I try to help everyone who asks me for help in school. Not just because I’m kind, but in the long run it may help me too.

Not the least reason is that I as well want to take part in the whole software development community where I hope to be able to build a reputation and establish useful contacts. There are so many good blog posts out there that have already inspired or helped me, so I want to do the same for others.

These are my personal reasons for starting this blog. I already have some ideas for new blog posts: The next one will probably be about how I got into coding.