Reflecting on high school and looking into the future

Graduation from high school

In June I graduated from high school. The most important things I learned probably are how to organize time, work in a team and how to will myself to work even when I’m not feeling like it at all. It showed me how learning can be fun when you are interested in something, but also how to get more tedious work done.

Still, I spent a lot of time learning/practicing even for subjects that were fun for me. Take, e.g., maths: Learning was more or less easy (also had a great teacher), but I had to practice to become proficient. It could be helpful to remember that when I think I have understood something it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m able to apply it right away.

Although I always wished I could go straight to university to study computer science, it’s important to have a more general education. Nevertheless, I’m not going to attend university for now.

What I will do now

To me, it seems useful to take a one-year “break” in which I work as a software developer. That allows me to learn even more about the field I’m passionate about, while I can figure out if that’s what I want to do, develop myself and make contacts.

In October, I will start my first job ever. It will not only be a software developer position but also mostly remote (at least my first project). This sounds like a dream because I can, in theory, work from wherever I want. I’m incredibly thankful for my employer Pack of 7. Thank you for giving me this huge opportunity.

After approximately one year I want to attend university. I don’t know yet where or what exactly I want to study. I have been focusing on pure computer science for a long time but my great teachers made me consider becoming a teacher myself with a combination of the subjects Spanish and computer science.

If I’m going for computer science, which is more likely, I’ll probably study something like economic computer science, as I think it may be better to have more general knowledge and the economic knowledge would probably make it easier to independently make a living.

I’m interested in business and took first steps in this direction by starting my first business this year to sell software online. I’m not ready to make it public yet, though.

I’m super excited about the 1st of October and look forward to the following time with Pack of 7.